3b (tr)uSDX Firmware

This page shows you, how to update the latest (tr)uSDX Firmware via an USB serial cable.

Please consider a donation to Guido, PE1NNZ for all his work on the Software:

If you don´t see your Serial Number on the Display after powering up your device, you either have a hardware defect, or there´s no Bootloader installed. In this case: Install Bootloader first

First, please enter your Serial Number and optional Callsign in the form below and press Download.

After downloading YOUR PERSONAL Firmware, you need to upload it to your Device. For that you need the Software AVR-Dudess and the USB Driver for the CH340 Chip on your (tr)uSDX. After correct Installation of the Drivers your computer should recognize the (tr)uSDX when you connect it via Micro-USB Cable to your Computer.

Opening the Device Manager under Windows will reveal the assigned COM-Port:

Now you can Upload it via AVR Dudess.

  • Select Programmer: „Arduino“
  • Select YOUR COM Port
  • Set Baud Rate to 115200
  • Set MCU to ATMega328P (even if you have ATMega328PB !!!)
  • At „Flash“ Select YOUR PERSONAL Firmware, created from your Serialnumber
  • UNCHECK „set fuses“ and all the other checkboxes

Then hit the Program Button. After Successful upload you should see the following messages in the Terminal screen:

Your (tr)uSDX should Re-Boot, and you should see your Callsign (if you entered it before) and the Frequency on Display.

Now make sure to configure at least the following settings:

  • 8.3 Ref Frequency (see next page for calibrating it)
  • 8.7 LPF Config (Lo, Hi, Classic depending on filter board)
  • 8.2 PA Bias max (128 for BS170, 160 for FDT86256)
  • 8.6 Rshunt (potentially to correct power efficiency measurement errors)

Congratulations ! You´ve made it !

Software Updates

Future software updates are announced in the Forum and provided on this page for download. You can download the latest experimental Beta release here, this also contains a version history with the changes made.

Firmware updates erasing important settings. Therefore, before uploading a new firmware it is recommended to write down the settings mentioned above, and re-applying them after installing the new firmware.

Click here for (tr)uSDX Manual