Middle Layer: Mainboard

I write the exact frequency of the crystal on every Mainboard, so I can change that already while Software Update


You need to source and place all the Parts.

Most of the Parts are covered in that Shopping List

Further Information can be found in this Manual:

Here´s the Schematc of the Mainboard:

Additional Notes and alternative Sources:

D1/D2 Standard 1N4148 Diodes

U4 is 74ACT00 in DIP-14 Package

U6 is ATMega 328 in DIP28 Package use Socket for that

U3 is LM4562 in DIP-8 Package

U5 is Si5351 in MSOP-10 Package

U1 is FST3253 in TSSOP-16 Package

U2 is 7805 in TO220 Package

Y1 Crystal 27MHz

Y2 Crystal 20MHz

Q1 BS170 in TO92 Package

J2 and J3 are cut from Male/Female Stacking Header Set

J1 is Terminal Block by Phoenix Contact, can be replaced by anything with5,08mm Pin-Spacing

Start with soldering U1 and U5 on the board.

Here are some tips how to solder that without special tools:

Just solder in everything, start with IC´s, and continue from smaller parts to bigger parts one by one, and check the Boxes of the iBOM along with it.