Where to buy (tr)uSDX ?

Dont buy black NanoRig (tr)uSDX. They offer a product, that suggests „upgrade (tr)uSDX“, which is in Violation of the CC-BY-ND license. Their Product also shows a registrated Trademark Sign, which is in violation of the license, as Guido and me a re license holders. Not the company, that claims to be. Those rigs will not be supported and blocked from firmware Updates.

Official Supplier (tested and approved)

Company Name: „Shenzen qiuhai import and export co LTD
Tech Person in Charge „Hison Chen“
Sales Person in Charge: „Sunny Yang“
AliExpress Stores; „Up Tech„, „QH Digital„, „Hisonauto ICP
ebay Store: „hison-818„,“uellyqh

AliExpress Link: UpTech Store

eBay Link: uellyqh store

Online Shop Link: newdiytech.com/

Amazon (US) Link: Amazon

are safe to buy from with full Approval !

Test-Video first Batch:

Test-Video second Batch:

Approval Procedure

If you want to become an „official“ commercial Supplier, we ask you to send us 2 built (tr)uSDX Transceivers free of charge. We will test your hardware, and if it meets the design goals, we will publish a link to your shop on this site as „trusted source“. You can use this Backlink in your sales text, so that people know you´re a legit source when you´re listed on this Page.

This is only applying to commercial parties. Non Profit Group buys from Ham to Ham will always be supported ! The above procedure ensures, that future buyers will know where to buy with confidence. We don´t ask for money for that „service“, we will only keep the test samples as reference. By sending built rigs (No Kits), you can make sure before sending the TRXs, that it meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Fully built and functional
  • TX PWR min 4W on all Bands @12V In
  • TX PWR max 6,5W on All Bands @13,8V In
  • TX Efficiency min 80% on all Bands
  • Harmonic supression better -43dB
  • RX wrong sideband Suppression min 30dB
  • RX Noise floor (without Antenna) -106dBm or better

Since we do all this in our free time, free of charge, we would appreciate if you would implement our donation buttons in your sales text:

Donate to Manuel; DL2MAN for Hardware Development:

Donate to Guido; PE1NNZ for Software Development:


The cooperation with another company did unfortunately not reach „approved“ status, details published here